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Shaista Nasir

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Multan, Pakistan
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Addiction | Phobias | Relationship Challenges | Stress | ADHD | Anxiety & Depression

Hi there, I am shaista Nasir a professional psychologist with M.Phil and master degree in psychology PGD in Guidance and counseling I am internationally certified advisor and expert in mindfulness and meditation. I am reiki master practitioner RP.RMP.RMT and shamanic consultant I love to work with energy and change my clients life. I also a certified REBT ,ACT,EFT,EMDR and CBT specialist and have specialty in hypnotherapy and hypnosis and Spiritual psychotherapy. Experiencing a breakup can leads to stress anxiety and depression especially if the relationship that ends was a serious one I help you improve your situation or daily life Ive worked for years with people of all ages but most of my therapeutic experienced is based around teenagers and adults Your satisfaction and mental health is my ultimate priority I will help you answer your questions and to become the best version of yourself.

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Location: Block-82, Main Service Rd N, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad


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